Trying to think of the perfect “sweet” for someone special this Valentine’s Day? It can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect gift that truly reveals the way you feel about them. Remember when we swooned over a box of Conversation Heart candies left on our desk from the boy we secretly crushed on?  This year, aim to recreate those simple and sweet feelings with your gift and give them a memory to swoon over. There are creative and original ideas which call on those feelings of nostalgia and combine it with scrumptious, sugary goodness to create a special gift for anyone important in your life. The ideas are endless. Start with purchasing your favorite valentine wholesale candy and go from there.  The ideas are endless but some of the best are here for you to use or to modify as you wish.

1.  Conversation hearts can bring back sweet memories. Use the hearts to form a sentence, even add a few words of your own and leave them waiting for them on the kitchen counter in the morning. A perfect way to start the day! (Try using the same conversation hearts, but now larger. They are easier to read.)
2.  Red Hot Hearts with homemade double chocolate heart shaped brownies.  Just a few pieces of candy on the top of these scrumptious brownies make a classy and simple treat that shows someone you are hot for them.
3. Baked conversation heart cookies, recipe found here. You can customize the heart messages with this sweet gift.
4. Brach’s Cherry Jelly Hearts.  Buy this candy in bulk and melt them down for use as a sweet cake filling.  Of course save a few to put on top of the cake!
5. Chocolate Candy Heart Pops.  These puffy solid hearts make great “heart pops”.  Simply microwave for 10 seconds or until chocolate is slightly soft.  Quickly press heart on to a cardboard stick. You can do the same with Chocolate lips and create an XOXO bouquet.
6. Amorini Chocolates in a handmade chocolate basket. Personalize each basket with a tiny love note.
7. Valentine colored M&M’s. Buy in bulk and fill a glass shaped heart container.

Have a sweet idea? Feel free to suggest them below.

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