Successful Withdraw From PayPal To Eon

Yay! I got my money from PayPal just a while ago. I already tried the withdrawal from PayPal to the card, but this time, I tried the withdrawal to bank account, and guess what, it worked! If you own an EON account, it’s better to withdraw to the bank account if you have more than Php7,000 worth of money in your PayPal, than to withdraw it straight to the card. Why? Cause there is no fee! The cost is free for 7,000 PHP or more and P50.00 for 6,999.99 or less, while transfering funds to card is $5.00 USD (VISA exchange rate for the day of withdrawal request).

So I got my Php7,000+ money for free! YES NO COST AT ALL! ^_^ YAY more funds means more money to spend for my baby Julie’s needs and I believe I can open a back account now! Wee!!! ^_^

By the way, here’s a procedure to withdraw funds to your EON bank account:

this is from UNIONBANK’s website:

4.How do we add our Unionbank account to withdraw funds from my Paypal account?

Step1 : Log into your Paypal account

Click “Profile “tab and then click “Bank account”

Step2: Add bank details

(Please take note that your first name and surname on your Paypal account must match the name of your bank account. If it does not , the withdrawal request will be rejected by UnionBank. )

The bank code number of UnionBank is 010419995.

Step 3: Review your bank account information

Step 4: Confirm

5.How do I withdraw the money?

Step1: Login to your Paypal account

Click” My account” tab and then “Withdraw” sub tab

Step2: Select the “Withdraw funds to your bank account option” -See fees involved-

Step 3: Select the bank account and amount to withdraw

Step4: Confirm the transfer

After that just wait for your money to be transferred to your EON bank account! ^_^

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