Just finished my 2nd week as a QA Buddy… Last Friday shift, I went home almost 4PM (my shift was suppose to end 7AM). I had to finish some of my colleague’s audits since he was on leave and our team needs to attain 100% audit compliance. My brain was about to explode and was not working properly anymore around 2PM that was why it took me quite a long time to finish 1 audit.

I knew I was bound for this during the interview, and I was definitely prepared for it… But I was not prepared for the stress and what it would do to my gym schedule… I skipped a session, which was very unlikely of me. BOOHOO!!!! >_< Stress wise, I’m starting to build up pimples and some acne around my jaw line. Oh noes! I have been asking around for the best acne treatment and most of my friends were telling me that it’s best to consult a professional since people have different skin types. Well, I guess I’ll just do more research on pimple solutions… I wouldn’t want to do huddles and one on one coaching with a pimple infested face! YIKES! Confidence dropping by the second… 😥

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