Story of the Lost Tumbler


*I’m typing this yesterday during my working hours*

Damn… I seriously don’t understand what the hell is wrong with the world right now. I know for a fact that theives are not something new, and that we should be careful, but for a freaking FREE TUMBLER? Come on now, seriously, it’s FREE for crying out loud and you can get one from the admin… Why the hell take mine?!

I left it in my station yesterday, and just a while ago when I was about to log in, I find my tumbler WITH MY NAME ON IT gone! I can’t seem to understand why this has to happen, while other peeps’ tumblers are still on their own stations. Is it because someone has been eyeing on my tumbler? Does someone like me too much that he needs to get something that has my name on it?! Will I be bewitched or something? Argh! I’m so frustrated right now, and I know that you may think that I’m crazy and obsessed with my FREE tumbler, but the thing is, it’s just something that I’m really used to using… It’s like a part of me is gone now thanks to that low-life.

Now you ask, it’s free, so why bother? As I’ve said, it is something special to me, not because some special person gave it to me but simply because I really love it. And the fact that I can never ask for another one because, well, I was already given one.

So now that I lost my tumbler, and again with my freaking name on it, I am really hoping that if anyone at work has a kind heart, and is willing to help me out, or has seen my tumbler, please return it to me, I may even trade it with you for a sale! Kidding!

Update: I found it!!!!!!! Where? On top of a freaking water dispenser on the last aisle… *growl*

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