Steam Therapy In Shower Units

Some people want to enjoy a unique shower experience that offers much more than just hot water sprinkling from a wall mounted fixture. Modern shower units are loaded with advanced technology that can generate steam. Such shower units include special steam generators that are powered by standard household electricity. The steam slowly rises underneath a base of a modular shower unit. Ventilation systems are used to properly regulate the amount of steam that flows in and out of the shower unit. Users can find the temperature controls of the steam by twisting a dial.

In addition to enjoying steam therapy, people in modern shower units also have access to other convenient amenities. For example, speakers can be integrated into the top of the shower unit that is connected to a radio or even another multimedia device. Wireless technology allows the speakers of a shower unit to connect to the internet network of a home. Some showers with built in speakers also have their own radio receivers that can catch FM bands. Modern steam showers may also have built in benches or seats that allow users to sit down and enjoy the experience that is similar to a traditional wet sauna.

The doors of steam shower units are made of high quality acrylic glass. Such a material prevents steam from settling down on the surface and creating a familiar foggy residue that’s common with condensation in steamy places. Hand controlled shower heads can be used to spray water through different nozzles.

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