Staying Fit Means Discipline

It’s been almost two weeks since I started going to gym. Yep! You read that right. And take note: It’s FREE. It’s an exclusive privilege for Telus employees, and as soon as I heard the good news, right after my first shift in Araneta, I went straight to the gym and inquired about the process on how to take advantage of the privilege. And it was easy as a pie! I just needed to make sure that I already have my gym outfit, then I would take a quick fitness test, afterwards, it’s gym time! :cheer:

I know that I’m not fat, nor am I thin. Considerably, I take myself as a medium built person after I gave birth. Most moms, like me, are having big problems around the waist area, thanks to the “baby fat” left behind. It’s actually annoying me a lot, not only because most of my clothes won’t fit me anymore, but it just doesn’t look good with a flappy belly peeking out under a tight shirt. :mrgreen: So my goal get is to rid of those unwanted fat and replace it with flat and tight contoured abs (preferably 6-pack). 😉

So what is it about discipline and what’s the connection? Well, we all know that most people would give a lot of reasons to NOT go to gym, but it all boils down to just being lazy. And of course, if you are serious in losing weight, discipline in food intake is a must as well. Say no to fatty foods, and as for my routine, I’m on a semi-strict “High protein, Low carb” diet. Semi since I still eat fatty foods like my all time favorite Pizza, and Pasta… Hmmm… Must discipline myself. 😛

I always believe in this Tagalog saying, “Kung ayaw may dahilan, kung gusto palaging mayroong paraan.” Which roughly translates, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Tomorrow will be my 6th session… My schedule’s T-TH-S every after shift. 😀

To my hubby: You just wait and see! :LOL:


  • Aww…this is not to make fun of you, but I can’t grow fats! I have a very high metabolism, that even if I’m just sitting infront of the computer, my belly isn’t even growing! And I eat a lot too!! 🙁 I told my bestfriend once, I really wanna get some fat! 😡 🙁 😀

    • Before, I was actually really thin (read: SKINNY), but after I gave birth… I became medium and I’m not able to get myself back to my original thin-ess. 🙁

      @ Riza: By the way, Don’t worry, I HAD very high metabolism before, I used to sit in front of the computer when I was still in college playing online games with my bestfriends the WHOLE DAY, and never gained weight. Now… I feel so big, none of my “sexy” clothes fit me anymore. *sob* 😥

  • Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to getting to know you. This post I could have written. I am lazy and very unmotivated to work out and lose weight but the thing is I REALLY need to lose the weight. After having 3 kiddos over 6 years I have gained around 80 extra lbs. Maybe we can encourage each other along this weight loss journey. I have to make myself workout and eat right but so far I’ve lost 8 lbs. It’s not much but it is something.

  • good luck on this I wish i was more displined to diet and exercise lol thanks for the follow i follow you now and subscribe to your feeds and follow on twitter id love to do a link exchange too! thanks and great blog!

  • Thanks for stopping by my Rambling! I would love to do a link exchange! I’m off to add you to my blogroll now! I look forward to getting to know you & making a new bloggy friend!

  • I added the subscribe button to my blog. I didn’t even know that it was something to add. lol I’m still learning my way around this blog thing and I’ve been at it a year.

  • Keep at it girl…we all could use a bit of discipline. Thanks for stopping by from MBC. I also followed you via Twitter (MBAMompreneur). Ciao.

    • Thanks for the follow Buckeroomama. 🙂 I’m not sure what the 30 day shred is, now that you mentioned it, I’m very curious about it now. :cute: Will research about it in a few.

  • Ahhh…discipline. A word I can barely spell, let alone adhere to. May be the reason I’ve got a lot of explaining to do every time I set foot in the gym; which is basically never b/c I hate confrontations, particularly those involving a yoked trainer in a tight fitting shirt. Thanks for stopping by my place, and keep up the good work:)

  • That’s the spirit! The only way to get in shape is to cut out all that non-processed food and to work out. You really can’t help but feel better.

    And always remember, “A second on the lips, forever on the hips”, it’s not worth it. This is not to say that you can’t indulge when it is!

    Thanks for following me from MBC, I’m now following you back.

    • Totally agree Jillian, I try to give myself like a day in a week (usually Sunday) to indulge on food that I love most, I call it, a “cheat day”. LOL! 😛

  • Thanks for the follow 🙂

    I’m your newest follower now. I would be happy to exchange links, but I don’t have a blogroll. I haven’t decided if I want to add one yet

    Let me know if you ever get a button though and I’d be happy to add that 🙂

  • Good for you, I really want to go to the gym, but I’m trying to do slim in 6 at home. Problem is time, I feel like I can’t even get a half hour to myself to do it.

  • You can do it! I lost 45 pounds in less than a year and I had 7 kids. 20 more and I will be back to pre-any-kids weight. 🙂

  • hi mommy! i admire ur discipline! ur doing a great job! 🙂 hot sexy momma ang dating natn nyan 🙂

    ingat always 🙂

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