Stay-At-Home Mom NO MORE!

Yep! I’m officially a working mom starting later. The only thing that worries me is that our babysitter will start her first day here at 10:30AM, and my work starts at 9:00AM! So basically I have to make sure that everything is set for the babysitter before I leave. I guess I just have to leave a note or just tell my dad (we live with my parents) to tell the babysitter what to do.

Anyways, with a job comes great changes:
1. I need to buy more clothes, now that I’m going to work! I have only 2 pairs of slacks, not to mention one of them is already a bit tight.
2. I’ll be having another adjustment in our house schedule. I need to start the day earlier so that I could prepare everything that we need for the work.
3. Busy = Can’t stay long in the internet. *sob*

I don’t really know what’s up for me. I need to be ready though.

Anyways (again), CIAO for the meantime, need to get ready! Bye!

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