Starting To Love The "Draft"

Familiar with the Blogger Draft? No? Then I must say that this is one of the best sites that a user should visit.

It contains different upcoming features for blogger, and we can use them before it’s even officially released. Just like the Embedded Comment Form Placement. Here is a screen shot for that:

As you can see, users can now post a comment without waiting for a pop-up form. This is one of the most convenient way of commenting on other blogger’s posts. With this, it will definitely cut out the wait time for the comment form to load. Amazing isn’t it?

Wondering how place one on your blog? Simple! Just follow these steps and you’re good to go.
1. Go to Blogger Draft.
2. Go to settings, then go to comments.
3. Look for:

4. Make sure to choose “embedded below post”.
5. You’re done! Isn’t that a piece of cake? ^_^

Now we don’t need to wait for few seconds (or minutes depending on your internet connection), for the comment form to load! YAY! ^_^

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