Security and monitoring systems have come a long way in the past few decades. Old fashioned closed circuit cameras are being replaced throughout the country and even the world by new and more technologically advanced cameras. The cameras in use today are capable of recording in the dark, recording wirelessly and some even have their own onboard hard drive on which to store video. Security savvy business owners and home owners can simply review the stored video files with their computer or smartphone, never missing a single movement that occurred on their property while they were away.

As cameras continue to get smaller and easier to conceal, the spy camera market is seeing more and more advanced and easy to use camera systems. Some of these tiny cameras are hidden within pens, USB chargers, watches and just about any other household object one could imagine. As with all emerging technology, spy cameras and security cameras continue to get more and more affordable each year as the manufacturing processes are perfected.

Hidden camera and surveillance camera systems, such as those available at Brick House, can help provide added security and piece of mind for businesses and homes. Camera systems can help to ensure you never miss anything while away from your property.

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