Sproutwells and FreshFunds

Are you a crazy soccer mom? Well, let’s just say that I’m not, although I have watched quite a lot of movies with mom’s on their kid’s soccer game. Sometimes when there are conflicts between 2 kids, their mom usually take their place and then fight with each other. What’s funny is that some of them take it to the soccer field.

Anyways, about the video, you will see The Sproutwells video about how lettuce got her pink soccer uniform. It is quite hilarious when the soccer ball is being thrown at Lettuce and how she wants to “get it on”, but Lettuce doesn’t have legs! So how do you expect her to play soccer? I wouldn’t know for sure. Also, the video talks about freshfunds wherein you can accumulate points that can be used to earn prizes, make charitable donations and bid on auction items, like Nintendo Wii Fit® & Fun Prize Pack. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!

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