Sorting Out Closet

I remembered one time that there was this one episode that I watched on Oprah regarding how to organize your closet step by step and make sure that everything looks neat and tidy. There were a lot of types of closets featured on the show, some of them were new york custom closet, some of them are store bought closet, but whatever the type of closet was, they had many ways on how to keep it organize, and make it look fresh and clean.

Here are the tips that I got from the episode that I watched:

1. Make 3 different piles. One for “keep”, “discard”, and “maybe”.
2. Take out all your clothes, shoes, and everything that’s cluttering your closet.
3. SORT! Make sure to keep in mind that anything you haven’t wore for the past year is a sure “discard” material, these are the ones that you may want to donate or give to the more needy. For the “maybe” pile, these are the ones that have sentimental value to you, but not necessarily that you will wear them.
4. After sorting, keep those on the “keep” pile, then donate those “discard” pile, and keep in an attic your “maybe” pile.
5. Okay you have those clothes that you want to keep, now make sure to sort them as well, depending on how you want to sort them, from color, size, or shape, but personally, I’d sort them through size, smaller clothes will be on the left side of the closet and bigger ones will be found on the right side. But it will totally depend on you. Just make sure you remember where you place them for easier access.

Actually, after I watched the episode, I cleaned up our closet and it took us quite a long time to finish but it was all worth it! 🙂

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