Sony Ericsson K800i for Php800???

I have been wanting to change my old K800i Sony Ericsson cellphone to either a C905 or a Satio (both from Sony Ericsson), but due to budget and the price of these cellphones, I might as well not eat for a decade. :blank: I’m actually keeping my eyes on ebay and Sulit for their deal of the day because one day they might feature these phones for low prices (wow yeah, I wish!) But you know me, I never cease to wish for the impossible… *sigh*

My husband kept on bugging me why I want to get a new one, welll, let’s just say my K800i looks like it has been hit by a hurricane, scratched by billions of kitties, stomp by an elephant, and reassembled by me. In short, it looks like it won’t even sell for a thousand. I actually tried to bring my cellphone to some buy and sell cellphone stores and guess how much the sales ladies were offering me for my K800i – Php800!!! The nerve! I could have slapped those b**ches’ face, but I had to keep my composure down. How can a cybershot 3.2 MP Sony Ericsson sell for just Php800!!! I guess these peeps are just really after the looks… And to think that this phone’s casing costs Php500 the least! Oh well. I guess that’s how pathetic those sales ladies are. At least offer me something of 4 digits! >_< Shoot, I’m ranting yet again… But sooner or later, I might as well just stick with this if I really want to get something better for a lower price… 🙁

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  1. Hello! I used to be an avid Sony Ericsson user till I switched to iPhone. And even though I made the switch, I can’t let go of my SE phones!

    Hope you’ll get to have your new phone soon! 😉

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