I’m sure you are familiar with IZEA’s PayPerPost. Now, IZEA has done it again! Introducing, SocialSpark! It’s a social media marketing wherein bloggers and advertisers meet in one website. You can browse opportunities for those SAHM and other bloggers alike who want to earn from their own blog. You can also browse other people’s blogs too. That means more traffic for your blog as well.

SocialSpark offers quite a number of exciting things for bloggers and advertisers around the world. They give additional ways of making money from blogging like the sponsored posts that we are used to and so fond of. They also show you detailed analysis of your blog’s status. It helps keep track of your blog’s traffic, RealRank, pageviews, etc. You can also be an advertiser. You can ask for other bloggers out there to review your blog with your own choice of price.

Well maybe it is still better if you try to make an account and see for yourself the wonders of SocialSpark. After making an account, please don’t forget to visit my profile, which is practically new, and add me up as your friend. I wish to see you there okay? Have fun with making money through blogging!

Disclosure: This is a paid blog post. Although this is a monetized blog post, I am keeping it real. It doesn’t mean that if anything is monetized, I need to hype it up. All I’m telling here is what I think is right and what I feel about SocialSpark. If you think that I made some mistake in this post, let it be. Just leave a comment about it, but I’m just being R-E-A-L. ^_^

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