So Pissed With My Husband Right Now…


I’m mad at him right now.



  • you know you really should be careful on what you put in this blog of yours (based on my own experience). Some men does not want to open their personal problems to others esp those who they not know or sometimes even to their love ones. see i was once like you posting every single detail of my life in my blog (including or fights) one day my husband found out about my blog, he was so mad he one by one identified my mistakes and shortcomings, after that he left, w/o even saying goodbye… i realized he was right, I’m not perfect, i was lucky enough to find someone that accepts me as who i am, but i just wasted it. i deleted the blog just to show how sorry i was, but it didn’t help. now his someone else who cooks for him and does the things that that i failed to do as his wife.
    now seeing him, (have no choice he visits our son every weekend) made me realize hes not the problem, its more of me…
    talk to him, don’t make the same mistake that i did. sometime their just waiting for us to motivate and support them. telling the whole world (hello know the meaning of WWW?) about your fight and his shortcoming wont help, blogs are one sided source of info. your title is “So Pissed With My Husband Right Now…” but the question is “How Pissed is he With you…” open your mind and grow up, your a mom now and a wife.

  • thanks dear… I think I’m just too mad at him and got nowhere to vent on but my blog. I’ll just edit some part of this post then.

    by the way, I am not really sorry that I’m mad at him because I have been a good wife for him. He accepted me for who I am, he knew all my flaws and I did the same thing for him, but he changed to a totally different person, who i don’t even know anymore, not even close to an acquaintance.

    anyways thanks for your comment, I’ll edit some part here.

  • do you know why he change? was he the first to change or you? there a lot of questions that only the two of you can answer. its best that the two of you could do is talk before things go worse. and take my advise, posting things like this doesn’t help a relationship, it makes it worse. talking to each other is the best solution. only low life spoiled brats do this things (like me). since you’re a cum laude as you say i hope you’ll do better. i know its none of my bizz but maybe you have some issue’s that made him change. (like me)

  • i never changed. well i did actually, but for the better of my family.(i don’t play games anymore and use the internet to make money). he changed. became a person i do not know anymore.

    actually, talking to him will just result to a fight (believe me, i tried a lot of times. and it all resulted to a much bigger fight.) thats why talking things over with him is a big hesitation on my side. I’d rather keep it to myself or vent it out on other things.

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