Small One-Eyed Army

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Before I even got myself my own PSP, I have been playing Patapon thanks to my best friend Dom’s PSP, but now that I have my own, I finally had the chance to kill the “Almighty Gorl” who is the freakishly, most annoying last boss that I ever fought! I spent almost 4 hours fighting (and re-fighting) this boss until I was able to finally defeat it… I know, I know. 4 hours is a very lenghty time but in my defence, uh, well, I wasn’t able to get all the Divine items, and Mythril was really rare. He. He. He. Anyways, just want to shout into the WWW that this is my FIRST FINISHED PSP GAME!!! YAY!!! ^____^

… Now off to Patapon 2.

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