Sleek, Sexy Legs: Tips for Shaving During the Winter

legsThe cold air and wind can zap the moisture right out of your skin. It can be easy to neglect keeping up with shaving when you’re wearing long pants all the time or are tired of how it can scrape the moisture out of your skin. Since the rest of you is looking so beautiful these days with your perfect nails, dewy skin, and stand out wardrobe, don’t lax when it comes to your legs. Take a few helpful hints that will make your legs feel fantastic and sexy and save your skin too!

Once your legs are silky smooth wearing the right outfit during the winter time will make you feel confident, even when it’s cold outside. Don’t be worried that your legs will look dry and flaky, but instead take control and apply these methods mentioned below so that you’ll have smooth and sexy legs. That way when you want to buy a new outfit that shows off your legs you’ll feel confident. Hop online and apply online coupon codes at the Sidepon website to find the perfect outfit. Ready, set – get smooth
legs and feel confident!

Get the Right Tools
You’ll need just a few simple things that you may already have in your bathroom cabinets. Get a good razor with a new blade and a moisture strip on it containing aloe, jojoba or acai. It’s important to get a loofa, so you can exfoliate your legs as you apply your shaving gel. This will wipe away any unwanted dead skin and create the perfect base for the perfect shave. Make sure that your shaving cream or gel has moisturizing elements. Don’t ever use just soap. It will suck the moisture right out of your skin. If you don’t have gel or cream on hand, you can use conditioner as a backup option in a jam — and it’s a great way to use up that conditioner that didn’t work just right on your hair. After the shave, you’ll want to dry your legs and apply an alcohol-free lotion to prevent shaving bumps.

Put Them in Action
Use warm water — not hot or cold. Hot water will strip the moisture right out of your skin. Rather than jumping right in to shave at the beginning of your shower, give your legs some time to soften in the water. If you like baths, this is even better — just make sure that the water isn’t too hot for your skin. You always want to shave against the growth of the hair, so start at the ankle and shave upward. Double check your legs before exiting to make sure you got everything. If you are prone to ingrown hairs, you’ll want to use a cleanser afterward with glycolic acid. This should help those unsightly red bumps to stay away.

Feeling those sexy, silky legs as you get dressed in the morning will help you feel sexier about yourself!

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