Six Tips for Balancing Blogging And Family

Balancing blogging and family can be quite a difficult task. Fortunately, there are things that can be done to make this task simpler. Below are some tips on balancing family and blogging:

1. Write Down A List

Time management is the key to juggling multiple tasks. Making a list of your priorities makes it a lot easier for you to manage your time. If you do not write down everything that you need to do, you may forget to do something important.

2. Set Up A Schedule

Once you have made your to-do list, the next step is to set up a schedule. When you are making your schedule, you should try to set your work hours during the times that you know you will be able to be alone. You may have to get up extra early so that you can get can get some work done before your family can disturb you. Additionally, you may also want to consider blogging during the times that your spouse is at work and your children are at school.

If you have young children who stay at home with you during the day, you should work in one hour increments. For example, you can blog for one hour and then spend time with your kids for the next hour. You need to give your children activities to do so that they will not disturb you when you are working.

3. Try To Avoid Working On Weekends

The weekends were meant for relaxation and family time. That is why you should try not to blog on Saturdays and Sundays. However, if you have to finish up some work on the weekends, you want to make sure that you limit your time to a couple of hours.

4. Create Your Own Workspace

Many people work in their beds, but that is a practice that you should avoid doing. You will be much more productive if you create your own personal workspace. You need to set up one room in your house that has a computer and a desk. This room should be free of the television, telephone and other things that could be a distraction. Sometimes, it can be very difficult for family members to understand that blogging is a real job. When you create your own workspace, they will understand that you are serious about your work.

5. Multitask

One of the pros of working at home is that you have the chance to do multiple things at one time. For example, you can prepare dinner and write while you are waiting for the meal to finish cooking. You can also write and do laundry simultaneously.

6. Get Your Family To Help With House Work

You can stress yourself out if you try to do everything yourself. That is why you need to make sure that you get your family to help you out with the chores around the house. This will not only help lighten your work load, but it will also allow your family to spend more time with you.

Being a full-time blogger and raising a family is not easy. The good news is that if you set a schedule, multitask, ask your family to help you and create your own work space, you will be able to work without sacrificing spending time with your family.

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