Sheet Music Helps Bring Old Music Back

Sheet music is at the heart of the musical score; it is a language in itself and should be a joy to learn. In recent times though, it has been increasingly hard to find new and original sheet music and even old, time honoured pieces. Most of it seems to have been confined to either the back of a classroom cupboard or under glass in prestigious galleries and museums.

This is not the nature of music; no one person can confine the sound of a note or the emotional response to an ephemeral concerto, therefore, it seems somewhat obscure that the language of music has fallen into the realms of redundancy.

Thankfully sheet music seems to have had a revival recently with the help of information technology; it has found a new home in the digital age and with it, a new lease of life. It seems the very nature of music and the joy it brings is reflective of the creation of its new home: the internet and the raison d’etre echoed by the web’s creator Tim Berners-Lee, ‘This is for everyone’.

It is important to keep the world of music accessible and out of the hands of the elite, music is for everyone and should stay that way. It is now so easy to find sheet music online you are even able to print it straight from your home printer.

You can get anything from Coldplay sheet music to the wedding march sheet music with every score arranged perfectly for the intended instrument of use. It is really important to keep the idea of sheet music alive and pass it on to the next generation.

The integration of digital media and sheet music is a positive sign that music’s language has been revitalised slightly from the spiral of obscurity it seemed doomed for but its new, modern platform may not be enough to sustain the life of sheet music.

We have to ensure it is taught in schools and in home life to keep it alive. The use of tablature is an important part of musical history, as it was used a lot in the Renaissance and Baroque eras and helps those, particularly who are using stringed instruments as it indicates fingering as oppose to musical pitch.

Tablature, although genuinely useful when learning an instrument is still a rudimentary version of sincere sheet music and should not be seen as an adequate substitute within musical circles or by society in general.

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