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Extreme Style by VO5 is offering a Victory Hair for everyone! What is Victory Hair? It is when your hair feels sexy and with your attractive hair comes with a date, after which you “get it on” with someone. It’s like a winning hair that attracts people! Wouldn’t you want that? I sure do! LOL!

So if I wanted to have my Victory Hair, what would I do? First off, go out and buy some groceries, most probably pasta, meat, and some salad would do. Then prepare a dinner before my hubby arrives. I’ll lit up some candles with dim light in a dinner table. I’ll do some hair salon as well so that I could have “the hair” to attract my hubby. Spray on some perfume and dress up like a princess. As soon as he arrives, I’ll serve him his dinner and have a “home date”. Of course, while on a date, we could flirt with each other, and after the date, we will both have the Victory Hair. 😉

But if you don’t want the hassle of doing a date in the house, you can have it online! ^_^ See that widget above? Play it! 🙂 I am sure that you will like the game!

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