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Selling Is Money

February 5, 2009

My dad has been selling usual wholesale products specifically refreshments like mineral water, softdrinks, C2, and even beers on our lodging business. He buys them at a local grocery store and sells them for our customers, which is another great way of family income. When I was young, I always see him making ice bags and would ask him, “Why are making a lot of ice bags full of water?” He would answer, “This is for you.” Being a kid, I never knew what he meant, until I stepped into the real world. I understood well enough that he uses the money he makes from those ice bags and refreshments for my daily allowances. Yes. DAILY allowances. And to think I was still asking for a raise. Pathetic of me. It made me realize how much I didn’t value money when I was young…

Now that I’m a mom, I’ll be doing this soon when the new food business does push through, selling foods and drinks to everyone for my baby Julie’s allowances as well when she starts school, although I must say this is not yet sure since up to now, we haven’t found a suitable place for the business. I really want one soon! I want to have my own business and start being the boss of my own work. :wink:

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