Scared To Death…

A while ago, I had my monthly check-up with my OB-Gyne. I told her that I have been experiencing some bleeding, which I am pretty sure is not normal for a preggy. So she IE-d me and told me to have a transvaginal ultrasound, so I did.

The ultrasound took place at Metropolitan Hospital, which is near my OB’s clinic. It took quite a while for my turn. (Boy, were there a lot of moms on the line!) So it was my turn… They told me to take off my lower garments and asked me to lie down on the bed. And so the ultrasound began…

We saw my womb… WITHOUT A BABY! They call it Anembryonic Pregnancy. This is how wikipedia defines it:

An anembryonic gestation (aka blighted ovum) is a pregnancy in which the very early pregnancy appears normal on an ultrasound scan, but as the pregnancy progresses a visible embryo never develops. In a normal pregnancy, an embryo would be visible on an ultrasound by six weeks after the woman’s last menstrual period.

An anembryonic gestation is characterized by a normal-appearing gestational sac, but the absence of an embryo. It likely occurs as a result of early embryonic death with continued development of the trophoblast. When small, the sac cannot be distinguished from the early normal pregnancy, as there may be a yolk sac, though a fetal pole is not seen. For diagnosis, the sac must be of sufficient size that the absence of normal embryonic elements is established. A pregnancy is anembryonic if a transvaginal ultrasound reveals a sac with a mean gestational sac diameter (MGD) greater than 13 mm and no yolk sac, or an MGD >18 mm with no embryo.

Many centers offer mothers a follow-up ultrasound 10 days later to verify diagnosis.

Anembryonic gestation is one of the causes of miscarriage of a pregnancy. Several management options exist for anembryonic pregnancies which have not miscarried on their own.

So basically, I need to be D&C-ed or Dilation and Cutterage. In tagalog RASPA. It means the doctors need to take out the blood / baby out of my uterus, and clean it thoroughly, or it will cause some blood poisoning (I don’t know but this is what my dad told me a while ago). I swear to God… This is one of my worst nightmare ever! And I can’t believe that this has to happen to me! Because of this, I had to move my training schedule as a call center agent to a much later date. Good thing the HR is really understanding.

The D&C is scheduled June 3, 2008, 6AM. And my OB strictly forbids me to eat and drink anything after 11pm of June 2, not even water!

Okay… SO I AM SCARED TO DEATH! I am so scared… I just want to sleep it off… Damn…

Although I believe GOD has HIS own reasons why HE let this happen to me. Maybe another challenge in life.

Please pray for me. 🙁


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  1. This must have been so very difficult for you. Sometimes it sure is hard to understand why things happen.

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