Saturday Means Blogging!

Whew! It’s Saturday again and I’m off to start my blogging session yet again. 😛 I apologize my fans (LOL!) for not updating my blog everyday, which I usually did when I wasn’t working yet. I hope you guys would understand. 🙁 Anyways, to start off, I’ll share to you guys what happened to me this week. =)

I don’t really know where to start cause a lot happened during this week of work, but let me try get my thoughts in order.

Monday and Tuesday, July 21 and 22, we had a cross-training with our communication skills training about the art of persuading and convincing potential customers to buy. It was a very interesting training and I was glad that I was part of that lecture. I think I know now what I lack. Although personally, I still don’t think I can sell anything big, especially when I’m about to talk to a person who’s in front of me. Good thing that I am under a chat account and not a voice account, I might choke even before the customer starts talking if I was on a voice queue.

Wednesday, July 23, our last comprehensive exam. It was a nightmare! LOL! Maybe because I wasn’t really able to study hard for that, I overslept when I got home and woke up 7:00pm (I usually leave at around 8:30PM, which means I didn’t have ample time to review on my notes). I think I even flunked that exam. Boo hoo… Each of us also had a mock chat session with the one of the “superiors” (either our trainer, or one of the quality assessment team). I got our trainer as my mock customer. After the chat, I got both positive and negative feedbacks. That’s actually great cause with those feedbacks, I would know what to improve on and where to focus on. Whew! I was actually dreading for that mock chat, but it turned out quite well.

Thursday and Friday, July 24 and 25, our chat labs… We were finally given the opportunity to talk to real customers, and apply what we’ve learned on the past weeks, and guess what! I got a sale! Although I was only able to sell one box, I am also happy that the customer is satisfied with my service as well. Our Operations Manager audited that chat and she loved every bit of it and gave me Php500 out from her pocket! OMG! Well, I didn’t really get the chance to enjoy that gift for myself because I used it to buy my baby Julie’s needs. For our OM, thank you very much!

As you all know, I was on for a month long training to become a call center agent. That one month ended yesterday (Friday, July 26). Our trainer gave us his feedback and guess what! We all made it through, and we are all in one team. I can’t wait to officially start this Monday! 😀 Weee!!! ^_^

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  1. wow sis, if the commendations comes form your boss or your trainor, it only means one thing, JOB WELL DONE. congrats

  2. I am really happy for you! I know that being a call center agent is really a hard job and I hope you’ll be able to handle the pressures and balance your life now as a working mom. Good luck!

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