Return of the Comeback!

Finally got my domain back!

Apparently I got a mail from Google Apps saying that my domain has expired last June 12, 2010, and I think I only have myself to blame. I was too busy with work that I didn’t have time to check my personal emails, even my blog (My hubby keeps it updated for me).

Since I got it back, I’m in the verge of giving it a not-so-fresh look. Changed the color of the header (not much of a change there, but hey, change is change whether big or small), and bullets are now those cute violet butterflies from Catch a Star.

Okay, I’m off to the showers then I’m off to work! This is actually just a quick post! ^_^ I’ll be back later once I get home.

List of Things to Update:
1. Smileys
2. Background color
3. Favicon

– I know these are easy updates but I’m running late! YIKES!

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