There is an old saying that goes: It takes years to build a reputation, but only seconds to topple it down. With billions of people getting plugged to the internet it is easier to get swayed by the pull of those who are not careful to create a bad reputation. If you are one of those who do not care whether your public (or even private) image is bad, if you are applying for a job, the HR department will easily pull out whatever record you have carelessly left behind.

Do you realize what you have done over the internet? Did it help build you on a positive way or just destroy you? If you think you have done things you wish you did not, and it is now plastered over the internet, online reputation management is now possible to be able to start anew with a clean slate. If you think you have done nothing to destoy your reputation, you can also use the same tool in order to tell your online contacts that you are just who you say you are. As the Bible says, a good name is better than precious jewels. Make the effort to build it than ruin it.

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