Reorganizing My Life

Hurray! Finally I decided to make a new blog here in blogger for my own. You will witness here how I, a 21-year-old mom (yes, pretty early eh?), journey around the motherhood at this early age. It is definitely difficult but I guess this is just one of HIS challenges for me.

As of now, I’m pretty much happy with my life although there are still things that are not “perfect” enough for me. Yes, I have a knack for being a perfectionist sometimes, I guess this is why I think my life right now is a bit “un-organized” and needs to be “re-organized”. There are things that I wanted to happen first before the other, like working and saving up money first before getting married and later on have kids, but apparently, that wasn’t the case. I got accidentally pregnant and now I have my baby Julie Rayne. It doesn’t mean that I hate baby Julie or anything, and I DON’T BLAME HER. In fact, I love her so much that somehow I don’t really mind her coming into my life sooner than I hoped. I guess I just have to live with my wrong-doings and just fix them myself.

Unsurprisingly, having her changes everything, from my lifestyle, to my hobbies. I rarely play games now since I have to use most of my time attending my baby. I even know the importance of household chores now! Could you imagine that? I wasn’t the type of person who do dishes, or even clean my room, but somehow, being a mom changed that way of living. I do admit that sometimes laziness still strikes, and if it ever did, it strikes me real hard. LOL.

So I guess that’s all for now. I want to make this blog more of a home wherein I can turn to and just say anything I want anytime. Please stay tuned.

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