Remembering Your Pets

For many people, a cat is a part of the family. Cats are calming and exhibit traits that often relax family members after a long day. Everyone can enjoy watching cats play in the home or watch as they play outside. When a cat passes away, there is often a hole left in the hearts of those who cared for the animal. You can purchase various cat memorials to remember the beloved pet, many that are personalized with the name and birthday or the date of death of the cat.

One type of memorial that you can keep on a shelf in the home or that you can hang on a wall is a granite marker. This type of memorial can also be used as a headstone if you bury the pet. The marker is often highly detailed with words and images etched on the surface. Since the marker is made of granite, it can be used outside in all kinds of weather.

A garden plaque is another option to consider. It can be placed in a small garden outside where your cat liked to play or somewhere in the home. Most garden plaques are made of stone and can be made in any shape, such as a heart or a paw. You can have a poem or details about your cat engraved on the stone. Christmas ornaments are nice ways to remember your cat as well. Place a picture inside the ornament or on the outside of the ornament with a short message about your cat. You can get ornaments that are made from all types of materials, such as plastic or metal. Another ornament option is a small stand that you can place on a table or shelf with a picture of your cat that you leave out through the year instead of only at Christmas.

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