Remembering Our Prom Night

got the picture from our friendster’s profile, can you find me???

I was checking on my old photo albums and was amazed to see myself and the other girls wearing formal dresses / gowns (of course I was wearing a light violet, haltered dress, which my mom and I bought near Quiapo, as we didn’t have money to invest on a grand dress), and the boys each wearing different types of tuxedo for our prom night…

Honestly, it was not something that was worth remembering really, as I never stayed long during the said event. It was more of a come-and-go to me, didn’t quite enjoy it much as well. I went there to have a sample of the food served (which was paid for and I wouldn’t want it to go to waste either LOL!) I know that a lot of teenagers have been waiting for prom nights, but as sour-graping as it may seems, it will never be fun without your true friends around, agree? Granted I was with my best girl bud during our prom night, but we were both the “shy-type” and would rather go eat outside and have fun away from the toxicating environment (no offense intended). I even remembered that one of my friends asked me for a dance through an SMS (how… sweet?), I agreed at first, but decided to decline afterwards (I know, I know, it was rude) since we did ditch the prom eventually. We went to Glorietta 4 and grabbed something to eat (forgot what it was though). I guess I had more fun with her than being on the prom itself.

Anyway, I guess I just had a different experience of prom… How about you? I want to know yours!


  • I don’t remember anything during our prom night. I am not really happy with my high school years. My fun began when I entered college. 😳

    Anyway, I can see you very much in this picture. The cute lady in front row!! Wearing silver or pink gown? Medyo color blind lang po. hehehe

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