Remembering My Previous Work

I worked as a property consultant before and boy it was difficult, for me at least… I tried my best to look for potential customers to sell condo units which cost millions. But honestly… I find it really hard to persuade someone to shell out millions for a condo unit that is not yet ready for occupancy. After few months of being a property consultant, I was already looking for available jobs in the market. At first, I was considering insurance marketing just like what my other friends were doing, but I know that it’s just not my thing. So I opted for call center instead. I was lucky enough to get myself hired as a chat agent and the company sells computers, which I know that I would definitely love. Sure enough I became happy and content.

And now that I got myself hired as an intern for quality analyst of the company which I still need to wait for me to be pulled out from the operations, I need to make sure that I do my job well, and stay as one and will finally be hired as an official quality analyst.

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