Receive Pacakges From All Over the World

Sometimes it’s really annoying because you can’t get an item from a U.S. retailer website because they only ship within US, what if you’re on a different country who is really interested in the product? Does not mean that you will never get to enjoy that product anymore? And what if you don’t have a U.S. credit card? And the retailer website only accepts a U.S. credit card? Well fret no more, I just found a great website to help us all non-US residents to get our packages from a U.S. retailer stores. website offers services like shipping packages, exporting documents to 255 countries including Philippines, consolidating the items for cheaper shipping fee, and even help you purchase anything online using their company’s credit card, check or PayPal account if you don’t have a U.S. credit card! How convenient right?

Account holders also save up to 70% on the shipping charges for international shipping fee. Now that’s a lot of savings. Now you might ask why do someone wants to buy something from the U.S.? Let’s just say that some items are actually cheaper when bought directly from the country and have it shipped worldwide than buying from the local country’s retailer stores. And there are some promotions that only U.S. residents are capable of having. Now I’m not judging or anything here, just giving an option for people who want to have some items from a U.S. retailer stores shipped worldwide. If you are planning to do so, you can go to their website and sign up for an account, and start enjoying their services today.

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