Random Updates and Rants

I have been changing my blog layout almost every 2 months, not just because I want to, but mainly because I never seem to find one that really suits my taste. I always wanted my own header to be something I worked hard for, and something really cute… which now I was able to do thanks to pixel art!

As I’ve mentioned before, I ain’t taking credit for the base that I used for the doll that I used for my header. Thanks to Kawaii Hannah for the bases and some basic tutorials which I used in the header.

Anyways, you will notice the little Easter Eggs beside the mommy and the baby pixel art, this is to symbolize the Holy Week’s that’s fast arriving.

Few updates: Hubby just lost his work due to their company’s strict scoring policy, but that’s okay I guess, I’ll have him do my sponsored posts then, which I’m unable to do thanks to my very busy schedule.

Just a random thought: I’m a bit pissed off of our network at workplace. They shut down the network, meaning folders and accesses are all disabled. Now how will I finish my almost 40 audits by Friday?!?! Before I left work, I was at my 6th audit… Mind you, it usually takes an hour or so to finish 1 audit. OMG! 😥

Oh well, guess I’m just ranting about things here. I’ll take my zzz’s now. Till my next updates! 😉

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  1. My hubby lost his job last November due to redunduncy. Its a matter of being prepared for the rainy days and attitude of course. Its nice to know you’re handling it better than I did at first. 🙂 My hubby took the first 3 months off as a welcome break. He’s been working for 15 years straight. 🙂

  2. Hi! Ang cute ng theme mo. Every 2 months ka nagpapalit? Ako once a year ata e. LOL. Btw, this is my main blog. Can we exchange links po? Thank you!

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