Rainy Season and Preparedness

It’s been raining lately in the northern part of the Philippines. Aside from the recently concluded “Falcon” storm, rain showers are still expected because we are still in the rainy season.

Rain showers are all but natural to our country as most Filipinos pray for it so that farmers will be able to get good crops but when the rain is too much, we tend to get panicky after what happened with Typhoon Ondoy several years ago. That calamity was one of the unforgettable ones in the history of the Philippines.

Image from Grind365.COM

Because of that calamity, our local government units especially within the cities of Manila always make themselves prepared for emergencies. They have waterproof binoculars, water boats, life jackets and other rescue equipments so that they would be ready to save lives just in case another calamity strikes back which is of course a very good move.

Here in our city, we have occasional rain showers but sometimes I wished for the rains to come because the city is too dusty. I want the rain to wash off the roads!

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