I know it’s been long since I last updated you guys about my PSP mania, not that I’m not into playing PSP anymore, it’s just that I’m just too engrossed with Twilight nowadays, that I even use my PSP as a .txt reader just for me to able to read Twilight “books”.

Being a PSP owner, it’s a good thing to always have back-up storage space, I would know since my co-worker got his own memory card busted! YIKES! So he bought himself sd cards, well it’s actually a dual micro SD card adapter, so he is able to put in 2 micro SD cards in his PSP for more storage! S-W-E-E-T! I think he has one 8GB already in, and he plans to get another one. I forgot how much it cost him but I sure think it was worth it. I’m trying to convince my husband to get one, but due to financial issues, I think we’ll just stick with our normal sized 8GB memory card. kao_happy

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