Please Don’t Forget

Dear mommies and readers,

I may not be active these past few days will probably not be active this week, but I will assure you all that on Saturday and Sunday, I will definitely spend a lot of time with my blog. I need to do a lot of catching up, and a lot of bloghopping and visiting to do. Please bare with me and I apologize if I haven’t done your exchange link requests and your requests to be included in the masterlist of my memes. I will also do my chat box clearing this Saturday. I will make sure that I will have read everything before Monday arrives.

Also please don’t forget to vote for me. PRETTY PLEASE??? I really want to make it at least to top 3. Pleeeeeeeeease? ^_^ (puppy dog eyes… =P)

Again I am sorry if there are some delays. I need to work for my baby. ^_^ I love you all! Mwah!

Yours Truly,
Mommy Maricel of Momhood Moments

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  1. I voted for you again today. Maybe you could put the poll as a sticky post on the top so it’s easier to find to vote. :o)

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