Picking A Winter Vacation Destination

It’s that time of year again: Thanksgiving is past, the days are growing shorter, and the holiday season is right around the corner. While you are surely busy with your winter shopping, whether that consists of buying simple gifts or emerald engagement rings, it’s hard to ignore the fact that it’s cold outside – and gradually getting colder. I can’t blame you, then, if you’re suffering from the winter blues, even this early in the season.

What’s the best combat for the winter blues? Why a vacation, of course – and preferably one that takes you somewhere warm. Coming like a phoenix in the middle of winter, the vacation offers a remedy to all December ills: it offers warm weather, sun, relaxation, and time to spend with your family. It gives you a way to mentally split up the winter.

But there are countless warm places in the world, and domestic destinations are no exception. So where to go? Where should you vacation this winter?

Based off of my ongoing vacation search, here are a few suggestions:

Look For Deals

This is an obvious one, but the traveler who has no specific destination in mind is the perfect candidate for finding a great deal to go somewhere – anywhere – that is warm on New Year’s. Everyone is looking to find the best deals, but taking advantage of them requires that you posses a certain degree of flexibility in travel dates and airlines. If you have this flexibility you can likely get yourself a trip on the cheap.

Ask A Friend

The internet has no shortage of opinions for you to peruse, and there are probably hundreds of websites out there, such as traveladvisor.com, where people describe their ideal vacation destination, their favorite places to travel, or simply the pros and cons they would ascribe to a given tourist location. All these reviews can become overwhelming and quick disintegrate into white noise, ultimately making them less helpful for your vacation decision than you may originally think. Still, the concept of getting advice from others is a good one. But rather than going about this online, you may be better served to ask a well-travelled friend, colleague, or family member for advice.

Try Something New

Let’s assume that you have narrowed your search down to a couple destinations, and both of these are the exact same when it comes to cost, temperature, activities, and most other vacation criteria. Which one should you choose? I would argue that, all else being equal, it’s always more worthwhile to choose the place you’ve never been before – or have been less frequently or recently. While we may ultimately like our tried and true destinations better, most of us get so few opportunities to travel in our lives. We may as well take advantage of it and see as many places as possible.

Hopefully these ideas can help you get started on your winter vacation search. No matter where you decide to go, have a relaxing and enjoyable holiday season.

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