Persimmon – Hubby’s Post

Working is fun specially when you get to work with someone who’s from another country because you get to share and know each other’s culture not to mention FOOD hehe, and I was lucky enough to get a chance to work with these people from another culture, they where born or grew up here in the Philippines and lived here in the Philippines, and even speak Filipino however their origin is not from the Philippines.
I had this office mate before, he’s pure Korean, but he grew up somewhere in manila. One day his parents visited him but not from Korea but from china, the next day he came to work with this tomato like fruit, and during our break our team ate together he offered us that tomato like fruit, I was the first one who tried it. It was sweet, and a slightly tart fruit with a soft to occasionally fibrous texture. I was a bit curious because I know it’s not from anywhere here in the Philippines so I asked him, “Where did you bought this?” He said that his parents bought it from china. So I asked him what is it called and he said “I’m not sure, I know you can that from Persimmon trees , so I’m guessing it’s a persimmon fruit.” Then I said “this is like the total opposite of omeboshi which is very sour and dry, but they are both fun to eat.”

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