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This tag was given to me by the ever-so-loving Ruby of PinayMommyOnline. This is quite an unusual yet very interesting tag. It’s one of kind! It can be quite tedious but I’m telling you, it’s really quite a tag!>>>> Tag Starts Here <<<<

Pay it Forward (Comments Edition)

Okay one precious thing a blogger just like me can get is a comment/reaction to a specific post you have made. And being friends with co-blogger is a great bonus! Why not put them together and make our virtual world pure fun and loving.

Just like the movie “Pay It Forward”, its all about good deeds and everything follows. . .

All you have to do is to give 1 comment to at least 3 person. 1 comment per post and as much as possible, make your comment relevant to their post so they get quality comment and not a “cute nice spam”. And then tag them to do the same. Note that You can tag as many bloggers as u want, which means you will be commenting on all of them too! Those who are tagged, should give back the love and comment on the site who tagged them.

meaning: 1st person (tag and start commenting) – – > 2nd person (been tagged, give a comment back to 1st person, tag and start commenting) – – > 3rd person (been tagged, give comment back to 2nd person, tag and start commenting) – – until eternity – –

Then add your link here:

Nelle, Pinay Mommy Online, OnlineBiz and Resources, Momhood Moments, INSERT YOUR LINK HERE

Now I’m tagging:
  • Ady
  • AsawaKoMahalKo
  • Arjaeuse
  • Eds
  • Funkie Mommy
  • Gigi
  • Hannah
  • JK
  • Rickavieves
  • Summer in Blue
  • Sheng
  • Tipsy Tips
  • Tess
  • Wifespeak
  • WildCatLady
  • Yesha

5 Replies to “Pay It Forward Tag”

  1. hello… thanks for tagging me po ha… Take Care.. eh add kita sa blogroll ko… check mo nlng po.. God Bless… & Keep it up!

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