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First of all I want to apologize to my readers for not updating. I wasn’t able to update for several reasons… First night: Got too tired and slept the night off early. Second night: Telephone got no dial tone, hence no internet. Third night: A very important thing came up late at night.

Anyways, even without the access of the internet, I was able to write something about the day, although not through blog, but through paper… I call it, paper blogging. I did this on the third night of no blogging. I’m just gonna to copy what I have written okay? 🙂

Title: Blogging In My Parent’s Business Counter

It’s 3am. What am I doing here?! Well my cousin-in-law, who is working as our cashier, rushed my cousin, who is working as the room boy, to the nearest hospital because he was suddenly attacked by his high-blood pressure. Their co-worker told e that my cousin was taking a nap, when he suddenly shouted out as if he was having a bad nightmare. After that, he just fell on the floor. My cousin-in-law was desperately slapping his face and fortunately, he woke up, but he looked so pale and white, so my cousin-in-law called me up and asked me to come down (we live in one of the room on the rooftop of our lodging business) for a while and help her with the cashiering for the meantime.
At first, she was looking for my mom, but I told her that my mom was still sleeping (well my mom usually wakes up very early to make sure that everything is A-ok around the house), so I took her place.

And now, I’m praying that my cousin is well and that they will both come home safely.

And yes, I’m blogging through this paper. I’ll just copy what I wrote here and type it in my blog when I get back to my room. 🙂 CIAO!

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  1. i also do that, when all the creative juices is on your mind, and there is no PC or Net connection elsewhere, paper & pen must come in very handy, baka makalimutan pa natin.

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