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Listening Radio Sooths Me

By on January 22, 2008

A lot of you know about my situation right now, and so thanks to a good online friend of mine, xleon, who discovered that listening to radio over the internet PAYS.

Yes, earning while listening to the radio. Read this post to know how.

At least something to keep me sane.

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New Blogs

By on January 21, 2008

Hurray! Finally I thought of a simpler way to organize my blog: to make blogs for each categories! I now have the making money category, cooking category (yes I love to cook), and all about technology category (this also includes games ^_^).

Well, it was tedious at first, but it pays off! It was all worth the coding and editing. I know that I’m just using same templates (different colors), and layouts for each one of them, but I think that’s a nice way to know that it belongs to me (I mean the blogs okay? ).

So what does this blog got to do with the other ones? Well, this will be my “homepage” wherein news about the other blogs are posted and also, this will be my own blog. All about my life. My daily raves and rantings. So this is where I pour out all my feelings about something. So there. Please visit them regularly, because there I will be updating them every now and then.

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