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The Brave Baby Julie

By on January 25, 2008

Julie and I went to her pediatrician a while ago for her monthly check-up. She got way taller and heavier compared to last month. She got some rashes in her legs and something that looks like a ringworm in her left cheek. The pediatrician gave me some treatment for that and I will start applying them all to Julie tomorrow. Hopefully we see improvements in a week or two.

So after taking her monthly measurements, doc gave her 3rd dos of Pentaxim (5 doses all in all which by the way costs Php2,500 per dose). It was an injection so I was in fear that Julie might cry the hell out when the needle touches her skin. BUT NO… She didn’t even budge! Not even a single tear! But she raised her fist high up on to the air and pounce it hard on her pediatrician’s head. It was hilarious! The pedia also laughed and said that she’s a fighter! LOL! Well, she is indeed a fighter just like her mommy. *wink wink*

This is just another short and sweet and funny story in my baby’s life that I will never forget! (still can’t get it out of my head) LOL!

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Baby’s First!

By on January 24, 2008

Baby Julie started her first baby food a while ago. My dad bought 6 small bottles of Gerber of different flavors! I got so excited that I opened one up as soon as Julie woke up.

I fed her around 2 tablespoons of carrot flavored Gerber. Her first few spoons made her shiver with a distorted but cute facial expression. It was so cute that I laughed so hard making me want to feed her more. After few feedings, she got used to the sweet and sour flavor that she even wanted more! It was quite an experience that I will never forget. Somehow, I can’t explain the feeling through words. I’m just so happy!

Another baby’s first = She blows out air from her closed mouth and makes a ridiculously funny noise (ridiculous in a good way). The joy whenever I see her do that little trick of hers makes me feel complete. It might sound a little too shallow, but I really do feel complete whenever she does that. I even imitate her and it makes her laugh. Oh how wonderful her laugh is! It makes our dim-lighted room glow.

When I get myself 4 AAA batteries, I will surely video tape those firsts and post them here! Although they might not be officially the first time she did those things, but at least I have a memory to look back on to and maybe watch them with her when she grows up. Ooooh! I would love that. It would be a great bonding time with her!

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New Schedule For Myself Starting Tomorrow

By on January 22, 2008

This is a late New Year’s Resolution… Not really a resolution but this is going to be a big change for me starting tomorrow.

New schedule:
11:00 am – Give baby Julie her daily infant cereal (Cerelac)
12:00 pm – Bathe baby Julie then “rock-a-bye-baby” her to sleep
While she’s sleeping – do household chores
* sterilize baby’s bottles
* wash baby’s clothes
* clean our room
-take a rest for a while-
When she wakes up – play with her / feed her / wait for her to go to sleep AGAIN. (she sleeps a lot but not continuously…)
This will continue until nighttime wherein I will finally use the internet to do all the things I usually do here
* blogging
* posting in my favorite forum (PinoyMoneyTalk)
* click ads
* update my blogs’ designs and layout

Of course, together with the list will be the listening of the paying radio! LOL.

Till then. I’ll take a break for a while. My head hurts like hell. *sobs*

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