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A Simple Blogger Tutorial :-)

By on February 1, 2008

A lot of bloggers are asking me for this so I’m going to make a tutorial on how to take off the border in images posted in a blog post.

It’s actually very easy yet tricky for some. 🙂 Here goes:

1. Go to your dashboard then go to template:

2. Go to Edit HTML

3. Look for this tag, you can use ctrl+F then type in these to search for it 🙂

.post-body img {
border:1px solid #3A7CD2;

The border:1px solid #3A7CD2; may not show the same hexadecimal code value.

4. Then just change border:1px to 0px.

5. Voila! No more annoying borders on the images! 🙂

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What SuperHero Am I?

By on

I got this tag from asawakomahalko. It’s a quiz tag, to know which superhero I am, and it turns out to be……. (drum roll please… lol!)

So… SuperWoman huh? I bet I’ll be easily defeated by someone who brings a kryptonite with them. In real life, I’ll be easily defeated by my baby Julie Rayne. She is my weakness. I am strong BECAUSE of her, but I’m weak when WITH her. It means that I’ll do anything she wants and desires, but of course with limitations. 🙂

There! Thanks asawakomahalko for this tag! 🙂

What SuperHero Are You?

Settlement Quotes- Fun Quizzes

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Nice Day Today

By on January 31, 2008

Despite of the financial problem that my family is encountering, other things have been great today. First, the award that I got from Jaja. It was my first blog award, and even though it was a pass-on award, I feel so grateful to be able to receive one. Thank you so much Jaja!

Secondly, DailyClicks gave back my lost balance! Cool! And I thought they would never give it back. 😛 At least a little sigh of relief on the financial problem side, but of course, my family is still a bit financially unstable. Thanks to my parents we are able to cope up somehow.

I also got the pictures when my cousin Joanna and I went to Robinson’s Place the day before yesterday. We went shopping for her cellphone and bought some pasalubong for her friends in China. We ate in ChaiKofi Express and took pictures of mostly baby Julie Rayne. Yep! I took my baby with me! It was very tiring carrying her around the mall but satisfying as well.

Here are some of the pictures of baby Julie she took:

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