Outward Beauty

Before age got limited to three score and ten, which is seventy, for the average mortality age, people lived to be hundreds of years old. The oldest recorded in the Bible was Methuselah who lived 969 years old (Genesis 5:27). Can you imagine living that age and still having sons and daughters? That could possibly mean that even at 200 years old they still look young and feel strong. Nothing has been invented then. Beauty maintenance depended heavily on natural sources. Sadly, over the years, people have abused the land, trying to get more out of it than it can heal itself. The land needs resting too in order to have enough nutrients for whatever is planted. That is why the Moroccan oil is very precious because it is rare.

It is also known as the Argan oil and is purely organic free from any chemical. It has been used for centuries by the Europeans and the trees are grown in Morocco. The process is is not easy but since the efficacy is great, it just cannot be left aside especially if it makes the hair, skin and nails glowing healthy. It can be one of the rare solutions to looking glowingly young.

Among all the beauty products and chemical innovations that has been presented these days, going back to what is naturally made remained to be the safest and more effective. Organic substances are tested through time. There is no doubt that its capability to restore what has been lost didn’t wear off.

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