Our First UNhappy Wedding Anniversary

This was supposed to be posted last night, but there was a sudden brownout so I wasn’t able to post it last night…

Am I asking too much? All I wanted was to have something special on our wedding anniversary. We got married last February 23, 2007 on a civil wedding, which had only a week preparation. It was a very simple wedding….

Anyways, I don’t need him to spend a lot on our anniversary. All I wanted was his creativity and his sincerity. I wasn’t expecting anything big since we both know our financial status as of the moment. But would it hurt to surprise your wife ANYTHING on your FIRST wedding anniversary??? I don’t even mind if he gave me a drawing of a bunch of flowers! He’s good at drawing. I won’t even cost a fortune for that! But I got nothing… NOTHING AT ALL!

We even fought today… Details are kept inside my heart for privacy purposes.

I guess this day wasn’t that special to him. Then I guess I won’t treat our anniversary special anymore as well…

And I thought First Anniversaries are the sweetest ones…

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  1. hello mars!

    the first time i met you, i felt so close already. i don’t know why but when i was reading your blog…now i know. we are both in a great challenge in our marital lives. but hey, we loved right? maybe things would get better for us…sooner! ako 8 years na…ganon pa rin ang exena…hehehe…

    belated happy anniversary!

  2. thanks mommy ruby and hannah for those comforts.

    don’t worry. okay na kami… peace na kami. yeah, test nga lang siguro yun ng MAN above…

    anyways, thank you so much dears!

  3. ohh that’s really disappointing. i’ve experienced that before na. that’s why i don’t expect anymore from hubby on special occasions so i won’t get disappointed. as long as he treats me well everyday, that’s fine.

    i’m glad everything is ok with you.

  4. What did you do special for him for YOUR (ours) anniversary ? Takes two to fight. Maybe he was embarrased because he couldnt do anything special so he was in denial of the day. Did you talk about it before (communicate expectations ect.)? Are anniversaries only a man treating the woman special ? I thought two people get married. Same senario with married self-help books, its 90% the mans fault things are bad, if you dont beleve me read the titles, rare is it written from a mans point of view (lost cause). Try a book by Dr. Laura – if you dare to hear more truth than scratching your itch like the other 90%. Would you treat your Dad the same way in the situation ? Of course not because you’re tinking he wouldnt forget, well guess what, you;re husband wants you to be an adult and communicate your thoughts (feelings).

  5. To anonymous:

    Your comment is quite offending. You really thought that I didn’t do anything for the anniversary? Why don’t you try surfing around my blog and look for what I did for this anniversary? If you are too lazy to look for it, this is the link. You should really understand the situation first before you even say something. Maybe you're a guy that thinks that men are macho and they want their wives to do EVERYTHING for them, to the extent that wives should do the initiative for the anniversary. If women are the only people who should do initiative, then I guess I should've married a girl instead, and men should marry men as well. >_<

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