Our "Always Broken" Kitchen Faucet

My dad is pissed off again. Why? Well for one, our kitchen always has this faucet that keeps breaking. It’s really weird.

Our kitchen is located near our rooftop garden, which is outside our house. Yes, our kitchen has its own room. Its main purpose is also to serve as a mini storage room for my parent’s business. So my dad’s theory for the faulty faucet is that our workers might have been twisting the faucet too hard that causes the faucet’s rubber to break.

He keeps changing it and I wonder why he doesn’t get those bar faucets which are better and more durable. Some of them doesn’t even need to be twisted, just a mere raising or lowering the lever will do its toll. Maybe I should suggest that to him, although I’m pretty sure that he will have A LOT of things to say.

So… scratch that thought.

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