Open Cisco Certification

Are you an IT specialist wannabe? Someone who always wanted to take IT course but took the wrong course in college? Or maybe you just love to tinker around the IT but you don’t have the luxury of time to go to school anymore due to age limit? If you answered yes in any of the questions, read on…

Somehow, I feel guilty for being one of the people who took the wrong course, but in turn, I also loved being a hotelier. It is a good thing that I am working as a trainee in an outsourcing company under an account which sells computers. I get to learn a lot about the computer more and some IT as well. But of course I want to learn more. So I think that this will be a great site for me.

Anyways, if you are like me who still want to pursue your IT specialization dream, then Cisco certification is the right place for you. You will be able to connect with other people and discuss about IT stuff, and learn with them as well. You will find here a mix of novice, intermediate and advanced IT members. Don’t worry, learning doesn’t require you to be in school, all you have to have is the passion in learning and the interest on the subject, not to mention that age is not an issue here. You can get an IT certification by going through the courses and joining the discussions on the threads. We all know that IT industry is booming for the past years and we don’t want to be left behind. With the help of Cisco, we will all be knowledgeable with IT in no time!

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