On Mommy and Cars

My hubby is a definite sucker for cars, especially those high-tech ones. Honestly, I cannot speak car language, usually I hear people saying “hey, I want a computer that is not a KIA, but more of a Cadillac…” those sort of things, and I feel stupid because I don’t even understand a word it means… 😥

But I guess thanks to Need For Speed Underground 2, I got to know few things about cars – yes just a FEW.  I’m wishing that my laptop can run the game better – we played the game on low to medium quality because it would lag like hell if I turned on the highest quality. :mrgreen:

But the one thing that impressed me most is the way you can customize the car to your own liking. Personally, I love a car that’s a bit small and looks cute, but is “fast and furious”. I loved to customize the looks especially the exterior color and design but my hubby usually reminds me that I can also customize how the side mirror, hoods, rear, billet grilles, or bumpers looks like, and would help improve the car’s performance and looks too. Whatever all these mean is still mind bogging to me, but I guess I just need to trust my hubby on this cause he knows a lot about cars more than I do!

How about you mommy? You know anything about cars?

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    1. LOL yeah…. I on the other hand will NEVER recognize a car even though it’s already in front of me… I think I’d just look at the car’s rear and find the logo or name. :laugh:

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