Oh Darn… Baby Julie Is Sick Of Colds

Runny nose and teary eyes… Darn. My baby Julie had colds since yesterday. I couldn’t bear seeing her cry last night because of the discomfort she felt. So I did what my mom usually does when I was sick – rubbing Vicks all over my body.

I gave my baby gentle massage on her chest, back and her forehead. Afterwards, I gave her a little foot massage as well. Most Chinese say that the foot is connected to all our vital organs. Since I wasn’t sure which part of the foot is the lungs connected, I gave gentle pressure on both of her soles and cuddled her to sleep.

Somehow, I miss getting sick… When my mom massages my chest and back, just like what I did to my baby Julie. I just want to go back to those days… I really do.

2 Replies to “Oh Darn… Baby Julie Is Sick Of Colds”

  1. i do miss my mom too! even it’s been days pa lang since she left for cagayan.

    anyway, i guess that’s life, and it’s our turn to give what our children deserves. pay it forward kung baga. wish your baby would feel better.

    by the way, he paid me. so i believe it’s a good sideline. hehehe

  2. i miss my mom in a way that she takes care of me when i was still single… although we (my hubby and I) live here in my parent’s house, I miss my parents’ treatment when i was single…

    about “him” that’s a great news! I’ll be keeping up with it! it is indeed a great sideline! ^_^

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