Official Blogs For My Bestfriends

I know that I have told you guys about my best friends blogs, but during that time, there wasn’t really much to see yet. But now, they posted some quite interesting posts.

So here they are…
For Dom’s blog: Weakness is My Strength
> He loves philosophical stuff. Maybe read his post and you’ll know what I mean. 😉

For EJ’s blog: Bacon Gaming
> He loves to rant. LOL! But he has good english mind you. And he does use few words that some people may deem profane, but for me, they just fit right in his posts. I’m not being biased okay? I’m being a blogger critic. 😛 Oh and before I forget, always read his rants as a humor. =)

Please visit them! And don’t be afraid to leave some comments on their blog. Yeah, I’m asking for a little traffic on their blogs, and I swear, you will love their posts. ^_^

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