Not So Major Updates

2 weeks…

Since my last glimpse of my blog…
Since my last official log in to my FaceBook…
Since my online life was touched…

Yeah, it has been 2 weeks since I last did any updates here in my blog, and I must say, I have quite a lot updates for you guys…

I’m getting used to the work load… I guess, and it’s easy to file vacation leave in QA department, as opposed to operations. The only requirement is for my group mates to allow me to file VL and that’s it! Easy as a pie right? And since I need to use up all my VL credits (5 to be exact) before September ends, I am “sort of” forced to use them all up – which is why currently I’m F-R-E-E. But honestly though, the negative impact is that I would only have few days left for the week to attain my weekly goal… So if it was not really important, I would rather not file Vacation Leaves, which is the main reason why I filed 3 days VL last week, but didn’t take 2 of them. Good thing that my boss allowed me to just use them whenever I want to maybe next month or so, and as for the remaining 2, well, that’s why I’m currently typing this post. 😉

I haven’t really given you guys any info on how me and my hubby are doing… Actually before, we were into this major fight and I gave him an ultimatum that if the year ends and he still doesn’t have a job, he’d leave my parents’ house and come back when he finds one. Reason? For him to get up his being couch potato and look for a job! Currently, he’s doing good and looks like there is a promising job that may have him start this October (fingers crossed).

Just had a date with hubby yesterday in Sbarro and ate Baked Zitti with Meatball, plus a Deep Dished Supreme pizza! I was so full but I’m definitely happy!!! He got his backpay from Telus so he decided to treat me out on a date (finally – Sbarro!).

Another thing… I “think” someone has a crush on me, not sure who, or let’s just say that I’m not sure if there really is someone… I guess I’m being too intuitive again. :laugh:

Just experienced Mother Nature’s wrath… 2 days ago, I almost never got back home from work. It was raining hard (Typhoon Ondoy – Signal #2) and the area was flooded (waist high – for me I guess, since I’m small and all that), but since my hubby was persistent and wanted me to go home, he fetched me and we had to face the flood head on. I even almost took a head-first dive since I didn’t notice that there was a step in front of me, and I almost tripped straight down onto the flood, good thing hubby was right in front of me to stop the tripping. :mrgreen:

When we got home, we were greeted by a house-filled with darkness… 😥 with only few candles lighting a spot in our house. It took almost 3 days of “no electricity madness”! So hubby decided to treat me out to Sbarro…

NEW HEADER!!! Yeah, I think finally, I’m open to using a “real life” picture as part of my header. By the way, thanks to Lee-Anne Shone for the digital scrapbooking materials. :cute: What do you guys think?

Since it was raining cats and dogs 2 days ago, I decided to go to gym instead, and while at it, we had fun taking pictures as well!


So that’s 4 of us (left to right) Ron, Anna, Me, and Eoji (our trainer). Kewl eh? 😛 I have that pole there for my abs! :cheer:

So there! My not so major updates… 😆

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  1. Hi sis, how are you.. You have lots of updates huh.. Just be patient with your husband sis, maybe it is not his time now to have a way to help but I know in the near time , the patience will be rewarding..

    You have a nice header.. Your kid is so cute mana sa mommy..=)

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