Nominated For Week 119

Filipino Blog of the Week Contest (Week 119)

I have been nominated for several weeks now, which I am very thankful of. Although I haven’t really won 1st or 2nd, I do hope that the support I get from you still stays. For all the people who vote for me the past few weeks, thank you so much. ^_^ You don’t know how much it means to me.

Since I am nominated again for this week, I hope that you will support me once again, by voting for me everyday from (July 27 – August 2). I will be posting here the people who vote for me during the said duration. This is a gift for the voters — A backlink. ^_^ Here goes:

July 27, 2008
emcee: hi there hopped and casted my vote :)July 28, 2008
Anig: voted for you sis!
Rosemarie: hi maricel voted you again and i did add you before pa anyway i have a tag for you hope okay lang
jhelea: hi sis i’m here again…done voting for you
vhiel: voted for you
: Hi there, visiting you again. Voted and dropped too ;-)
princess: voted for you! gud luck!
myweb-blog: voted you already. be back tomorrow to vote again
pinaymama: voted u na sis!!!
Pinay Mommy: came here to vote for you!!
gles: done voting… goodluck!
emjei: voted for you… hope u win! :)
mommy elvz: was here to vote and drop :)
winnie: thanks for the visit :) voted for you!
malaya: was here to vote for you
keith: hi po, just cast my vote. Thanks for dropping by
Suganthi: Hi… i have just cast my vote to you…all the best
KCee: Voted at 27! Goodluck :)
Mariz: hello my friend, read ur posts,EC dropped and voted for u of course! :)
fel: voted :)
emcee: hi cel,was here and voted :)
aeirin: sis 4 lng lamang sayo nung tataypepes.. guys vote for momhood moments…
sheng: btw, voted today. the 31st voter!
ritz: hi, was here… i voted for u!
ruby: hi! voted for u :)
marky: voted you !
cielo: just voted for you sis, may katally ka, hope u win ♥♥♥
Tammy: Congratulations again and I’ll keep voting for you! :o)
Concealed Mind: congrats for being nominated. I voted for you..

July 29, 2008
Lovejoy: Just voted you, please vote wife of a warrior also at for Idol Blog’08
pchi: thanks sa bisita mommy… naboto na kita… may tag pala ako sau
lara: dropped ec on and voted for you today…
pinay endeavor: hellow dropping my EC here and also gonna vote for u now. will u return the favor too mommy? pls vote for my love story THE MAN OF MY DREAMS in my blog.thanks a lot
lavanderiavirtual: Hi, Maricel! I have voted daily in your blog! 🙂 Kisses! Juca
Yesha: wow congratulations again:) voted again:) good luck xoxo

July 30, 2008
Pinay Mommy: supporting my mommy friend here.
lara: hopping here and casting my vote on you.
jhelea: hi sis done voting for you
race: hi maricel, matagal na kitang na-link and i’ve voted for you na ha! regards and see you around!
sheng: 66th voter today!
aeirin: I voted for you again

July 31, 2008
jhelea: hi sis voted for you

August 1, 2008
Ann: Hello! visitng here to check out what’s new and vote for you at the same time! cheers!
jhelea: hi sis voted for you already….here’s something for you at

August 2, 2008
jhelea: hi sis voted for you

I will be updating this post every now and then. This is a way of saying thank you for doing me a little favor of voting me. By the way, the voting form is found at the right sidebar. Please don’t forget to vote for me everyday alright? ^_^

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  1. hello my friend, u deserve the nomination…congrats! read ur posts,EC dropped and voted for u of course! 🙂

  2. Hi mommy maricel thanks for the idea of the 125×125 ad. I have it na in my site.hope you have time to visit it.and take a look in post regarding that I have your name there thanks.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and inviting for the link ex. I have added you in my Exchange Link page. Hope to be your blogroll friend too! Happy Blogging!

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