New Schedule For Myself Starting Tomorrow

This is a late New Year’s Resolution… Not really a resolution but this is going to be a big change for me starting tomorrow.

New schedule:
11:00 am – Give baby Julie her daily infant cereal (Cerelac)
12:00 pm – Bathe baby Julie then “rock-a-bye-baby” her to sleep
While she’s sleeping – do household chores
* sterilize baby’s bottles
* wash baby’s clothes
* clean our room
-take a rest for a while-
When she wakes up – play with her / feed her / wait for her to go to sleep AGAIN. (she sleeps a lot but not continuously…)
This will continue until nighttime wherein I will finally use the internet to do all the things I usually do here
* blogging
* posting in my favorite forum (PinoyMoneyTalk)
* click ads
* update my blogs’ designs and layout

Of course, together with the list will be the listening of the paying radio! LOL.

Till then. I’ll take a break for a while. My head hurts like hell. *sobs*

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